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It is now May 2021 .

The committee have had a zoom meeting and we are arranging a

Virtual Coffee Morning at 11am on Monday 17th May,

The link for this is
If you would like to participate please let me know.

We are also arranging another afternoon with Helmstedt at the end of June, details of this later .

It is now another year and still we have Covid but let us not be downhearted.We have the wonders of social media to help us keep in contact with  family and friends here and abroad.
We have been making progress with arranging zoom meetings with Helmstedt. 

We hope to have a more integrated trial video meeting with some members  from Chard and Helmstedt on 
Sunday 28th March.If this goes well we hope to have regular video contact .

It is important to all of us that we keep the twinning society alive and well ready for the time we can actually visit our twinning partners.

Helmstedt has now incorporated a new village into its area .This is Buddennstedt  who are twinned with Northam in north Devon, not so very far from Chard.It is hoped that we will be able to join forces for visits in both directions in the future.

Well this year was completely ruined by Covid-19 there was absolutely nothing we could do but observe the rules and look forward to better times.

This year began with a joint lunch with Crewkerne /Igny Society at the Windwhistle Golf Club.
36 people enjoyed their lunch and time chatting .

We had the annual Quiz Night at the Lordleaze Hotel, hosted by Brian Gidley and kindly. funded by the hotel

1st March Coffee am at Trivetts. As usual this morning was well attended , there was plenty of coffe drunk and cakes eaten.


Friday 12th Chaffcombe Village Hall  Playing card Bingo by David Poole. This evening was once again well attended.David kept us amused ,
it seems some of us have difficulty knowing a club from a spade!


2nd May  Bluebell Walk. We all met at Wayford Woods ,as we often have before, at 11.30 am for a saunter through the peaceful woods.
 The bluebells were well into bloom  as were rhododendrons and camellias.We saw and heard a raven as well as many well known birds.
After our walk we sat together in the picnic area and enjoyed lunch.

Friday 7th June Target Bingo night by David Poole .David really has done a lot for our social events again this year.
Target beanbags turned out to be yet another new venture for us. It involved throwing beanbags at a target on the floor.
A little easier said than done for some.Our winners were Clare,  and David - a guest who managed three bullseyes on his first attempt.


Exchange 2019
Our guests arrived on


Friday 26th January

This year started with a joint lunch at the Windwhistle Golf Club with Crewkerne/Igny Society. It was well attended .profits from the raffle were split between the societies.

Sunday 11th February was the annual Quiz Night sponsored by Lordleaze Hotel, as usual it was fun and made a profit of £119.


We met in Combe St Nicholas Village Hall for a Playing Card Bingo evening.Most of us had no idea what this was.David Poole hosted the event .Some of us appeared not to know the difference between various card suits!!

As it was close to St Patrick's Day we had jacket potatoes of course followed by cakes.The evening was successful and made £78.50 profit.

We met at Wayford Woods for our annual Bluebell Walk .Rather later than usual because of the cold weather earlier in the year.We were joined by our friends Harald and Gabi from Helmstedt who happened to be visiting UK at the time.After a leisurely saunter through the woods we enjoyed our picnic at the table.Some young at heart had a go on the swing.

This month we arranged a tour around Numatic International in Chard .For anyone who does not know the Henry vacuum cleaner is manufactured in Chard.
23 of us were split into three groups and shown round the factory.It was very noisy and hot but interesting. It turns out a huge amount per week and exports to such places as Germany , South Africa and Australia.


On 6th July some members gathered at the Angler's car park at the reservoir to walk along the cycle path to Donyatt. It was a lovely warm if not somewhat hot day so most of us just ambled gently. Not so agile members met us at the Hall.
David was at Donyatt Village Hall with his camper van cooking up his delicious German style stew. Most of us sat in the foyer as the sun was so hot.
After lunch David entertained us with a video of the 2016 visit to Helmstedt.


On Sunday 12th August we had the Annual Cream Tea at Trivetts in Combe which was enjoyed by all.


On Weds 5th we set out for Helmsetedt . We had an overnight stop in Bruges, where we could indulge in our chocolate fantacies or spend the time sightseeing and eating.
We arrived at the Schutenplatz in Helmstedt later in the evening as the roads were so busy with traffic and roadworks.
On Friday we attended the Civic Reception in the Rathaus .
In the evening we enjoyed a welcome party at the Allotment club.We were able to have a go in the shooting alley as a little competition.The winner was one of the local policemen , as was the 2nd place 3rd was Collette our , sharpshooting secretary!
Saturday was our big day out.We went on a lovely  coach journey to Wendland , a Rundlingen or round settlement  open air museum where we could see how farming and life used to be .
Sunday was spent with host families .
Monday was again with families.Some of us staying with teachers went into the local school which was very different to  our English ones. Others travelled much farther afield.
Monday evening came all too quickly and we had our farewell party .We were entertained by the local men's sea shanty group which was very amusing , especially Harald translating some of their leader's very funny stories and jokes.
Home again via Bruges again and now we look forward to the exchange in 2019.

Friday 19th October A Fun Wine and CheeaeTasting Evening was run by Rob and Kay doing wine and Collette the cheese.
Once again it became clear that an awful lot of people have no idea what they are eating and drinking!!
One thing we all agreed on was that Vegan cheese is pretty revolting or perhaps one should say and acquired taste.However we all enjoyed the delicious Ploughman's during the break.

Monday October 29th  The AGM was well attended by members.Some changes to the Constitution were updated and agreed by vote.Our new Chairman is Rob Grimmond and Bill Smith is now Vice chairman.
Rob thanked Bill for all his hard work since taking the chair in 2011.As usual we enjoed a social time with nibbles after the official part


This month was quite busy. As it was 100 years since the Armistice, we wanted to celebrate the fact that we are twinned with Helmstedt in peace and friendship.In fact in 2020 we will be having our 40th anniversary of twinning.
The Cloverleaf production group of Combe St Nicholas were delighted to help put on an Armistice Entertainment Evening in Combe Village Hall on Friday 9th November. It included songs , music and sketches from wartime .Our own member Clive Sanders also read us some of his poetry.Clive spent his whole career in the Army and has written some amusing and thought provoking words.
Our refreshments also mirrored the food of the era but it was all heartily eaten. Ann Courtney made some beautiful paper poppies to go on the tables with the rosemary - for remembrance.

We were joined on this Remembrance weekend by Harald and Gabi as well as Joachim Scherrible , who is the gentleman in charge of all the twinning in Helmstedt. He was the official representative of their Mayor.
They attended our entertainment evening and joined in with many of the songs.
On Sunday they were guests of St Mary's Church service laying wreaths as well as doing readings and a talk in the church service.
They were also invited by our Mayor to light the beacon on Sunday evening. Our friends were very glad to have joined Chard people for the special weekend.


 Our annual Kaffee und Kuchen morning was held on Friday 7th Dec.We choose the
Friday nearest St Nicholas Day ,  which is 6th November, because in Germany that is the evening children put out a shoe for St Nicholas to fill if they have been good during the year.This would appear to be the German equivalent to our Christmas Eve stockings.



Kaffee und Kuchen
We had the annual coffee morning at Collette''s home in Combe St Nicholas .Non alcoholic gluhwein was served as well as fresh coffee and home baked cakes.
The event raised £108 profit for our funds.

German Stew and Boules

We met again at Donyatt Village Hall on Friday 29th September for our stew and boules.
David Poole cooked some delicious smokey german stew in his camper van.Some sat in the foyer of the hall others enjoyed the late summer sunshine.

After finishing our cakes and coffee we played boule.This was a little challenging as the grass was not entirely level, which allowed those of us not familiar with the game to do rather well more due to luck and ground than talent.


Annual Cream Tea 2017

Cream Tea July 2017

Visit to Lacock Village

Lacock villhelping the locals move hous

Thursday 29th June 2017

The group arrived  late afternoon at Crowshute Car park .After matching hosts with guests and  other guests with their guest houses all went off happily to relax after the long journey.

Friday  30th June
At 11am the Civic reception took place in the Guild Hall. Garry Shortland our Mayor warmly welcomed our visitors, who then enjoyed coffee and biscuits .
Harald and Garry Shortland

  At 7pm we all met at the Conservative Club for a skittles evening.The winners of course were from

We followed this with a delicious buffet .We also ran a raffle which our guests enjoy as they do not have them in Germany.

Saturday 1st July.

Our day out to Lacock Village started with sunshine.After a bit of a muddle with coach drivers losing each other we finally arrived in the delightful National Trust Village.
People went their own ways for the day to explore this unspoilt historical village.

Places of particular interest were the house and Abbey ,which was used in some of the filming of Harry Potter films,

The  museum  with history of development of photography by Fox Talbot who lived in Lacock House.The general village with its shops .church and pottery as well as other little gems hidden away .
Some of us were lucky enough to be invited inside one of the houses to look around .

The occupants all rent the houses from the NT and have rules as to how they must be maintained.
The sun shone all day for us , a perfect English summer day.
Sunday 2nd July
This was either a day with hosts or a visit to Plymouth arranged by Harald.

Monday 3rd July.
A free  morning with hosts .
After lunch A visit  for our guests round Numatic International - the factory in Chard where Henry Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured .

Leaving party
The Leaving party this time was an English High Tea with a selection sandwiches and cheese scones followed by a wonderful array of cakes displayed on tiered cakestands. This was followed by entertainment from Dr Turbevilles' Morris Dancers.At the end of the dancing we were invited to join in, many of the guests seemed to delight in this strange English custom.
Tuesday 4th July
Departure time , our friends go back home.This was one of the best ever visits helped by the wonderful weather .

Bye bye!!



Kaffee und Kuchen
We had the annual coffee morning at Collette''s home in Combe St Nicholas .Non alcoholic gluhwein was served as well as fresh coffee and home baked cakes.
The event raised £108 profit for our funds.



We are now in 2017 and this year will expect our Guests to arrive .
Arrival date is Thursday 29th June early evening .
Departure will be Tuesday 4th July early morning.

So far we have booked the Mayor and the Guild Hall for 11am on Friday 30th June for the Civic Reception, this of course depends on whether the new Mayor can attend.

Friday evening there will be skittles at Conservative Club with buffet as requested by our guests.
Saturday 1st July is our big day out.We are going to Lacock for the day.

We will need to hire a coach for ourselves .To help with the costs we are open to taking our friends .Likely cost of the coach per person will be £10.Entry to Lacock Abbey ,gardens and Fox Talbot Photographic museum is £11.50 with group ticket.Of course if you belong to the National Trust  you will get free entry.

Sunday and Monday are free days with hosts.Monday afternoon will be the leaving party which will probably take place as an English High Tea.Venue as yet to be arranged.

On 3rd February we had our first social event of 2017.We joined with our friends  at Crewkerne Twinning Society.42 of us lunched at the Windwhistle Golf Club.The food was good and we were very well looked after.

7th April 2017

A Coffee  Morning was held at Trivetts in Combe St Nicholas.
It was a sunny day and several visitors chose to stay out in the garden.
Much coffee was drunk and plenty of cakes consumed.A bring and buy table had an assortment of goods from jams  to books  and toileteries.There were plenty of raffle prizes to be won.
The profit from thos event was £105 .Many thanks to all who attended and helped.

        On Friday 17th March we held a Beetle Drive in Combe St Nicholas village hall.
           For those who do not know this entertainment , it is a childs game really.

You have to draw a beetle by throwing a dice.6 = body 5==head 4=tail3=legs 2=feelers and 1=eyes.When you complete a beetle you shout Beetle and all stop.Then the highest and lowest scorers move up or down a table .

Simple but fun.
As it was St Patrick's Day we had jacket potatoes for our interval meal.
The joint outright winners were Kay Grimmond and Michael Boyle .

n September we had a Duck Race Evening.This turned out to be hilarious with betting on a wooden duck on wheels being pulled in by different guests.There was probably a little bit of cheating going on. It was a very  jolly evening with lots of laughs as well as a delicious buffet.

October took us outside at Donyatt village Hall car park where David Poole, and his trusty camper van ,once again organised a German Stew and Boules lunchtime activity.
Some members turned out to be quite competetive wheras others were hopeless.
It was a fun event and the weather was kind to us..

In December the Cloverleaf Productions of Combe put on an Evening of Seasonal Entertainment , and entertained we were with songs , poetry , a particularly lovely guitar and song solo as well as "party Pieces"
We kept ourselves warm by having hot homemade soups and of course puddings in the interval
Our hearty thanks go to Cloverleaf for entertaining us so well.


This year there were 29 twinners, 8 of which were new to the exchange.

On Tuesday 14th June we had an early start to catch the ferry at Dover at lunchtime.

Our Driver Kelvin had awful trouble trying to get us into the town as there were many diversions and "No Entry "signs for coaches.He finally ignored the signs and delivered us to our hotel.

Many of us walked around this lovely town during the evening  to admire the architecture and took advantage of one of its many eateries.

one of the many bridges and canals of Bruges  , with the Campanile in the background

Wednesday we drove to Helmstedt where we arrived early evening to be welcomed by our hosts.

Thursday we all met at the Rathaus for the civic reception .In the afternoon we went to the Check Point Alpha Museum at Marienborn,on the outskirts of Helmstedt, which was the first border crossing. Some of us found this quite an uncomfortable place.

Friday was a free day with hosts. In the evening we attended a partnerschaft party with some guests from twin town Albuquerque USA and from the former East German twin town of Halbersleben.We enjoyed BBQ buffet and some energetic members danced to the live rock group.

Our Mayor David Bulmer giving his speech .Clive Sanders our mace bearer stands behind him and Dr Birker

Harald makes his welcoming speech

Saturday was our big day out to the picturesque town of Wernigerode.Luckily for us the town was having a medieval type celebration with plenty of interesting stalls and places to try a bite of local food and drink. We travelled up to the Brocken on a steam train which took nearly 2 hours. Harald as usual shared his wurst with us cutting it up with his penknife. On arrival at the summit we unfortunately found the tourist centre and museum has closed at 5pm .we could still enjoy far reaching views until it rained, so we had to pile in to the hostelries and eat and drink.

Sunday was another quiet day with our hosts until the farewell party in the evening.

Monday morning came all too soon and we collected at the schutzenplatz to say our goodbyes

We stayed overnight in Antwerp and arrived safely home on Tuesday evening. Collette thanked all travellers for their good behaviour and for being so punctual at all times.

Dates for incoming visit in 2017 will be Thursday 29th June until  Monday 4th July.

Outing to Burrow Farm Gardens in early May 2016

Kay and Rob Grimmond relaxing with June and Frank Warriner

Royal Soup Kitchen 21st April 2016

On Thursday 21st April 2016 We ran a Royal Soup Kitchen in Chaffcombe Village Hall.This event was to celebrate the 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth 11.It was well attended .Our thanks to the village of Chaffcombe for their support.
Supporters of Queen and country.

In the kitchen Ken Ann Kay Lorna and Rob

March saw us playing skittles at the Lamb and Lion in Hambridge.

In February a quiz night was run in the Lordleaze Hotel in Chard.Our Society were the benefactors of this evening

The AGM was quite well attended .The Mayor said many positive things about our Society and wished us well in the future.

Annual Lunch January 2016

On Friday 22nd January 2016 Our Society joined the Crewkerne? Igny Society for the annual lunch.
31 Chard and 24 Crewkerne members enjoyed a delicious meal at the Cricket St Thomas Golf Club.

Kaffe and Kuchen December 2015
In December we held our Kaffee and Kuchen morning at The Trivetts in Combe where there were plenty of home baked cakes as well as some gluhwein(non alcoholic) .

This was well attended and we made a profit of £109 for our funds

         Fun Wine and Cheese Tasting Evening in September 2015

This year we held the   wine and cheese tasting evening in our local museum -a fitting place i guess as many of us are museum pieces ourselves !!

We all enjoyed the event  and still we notice that most of us have no idea of whay we are eating or drinking.

A delicious ploughman's  buffet was provided .Our thanks must go once again to Ann and Ken Courtney for arranging the evening.

Exchange from Helmstedt 2015

This year 50 folk from Helmstedt descended upon us on Weds 19th August in the evening.

On Thursday morning they were  announced outside by the Town Crier Stuart Cumming before being formally welcomed by our Mayor David Bulmer. Following short speeches our guests were treated to coffee and cakes -baked by our own members .

Our first outing was to the Willow and Wetlands Centre in Stoke St Gregory near Taunton.Here we split into three groups .We were shown a short video depicting the origins of the centre and how withies were grown and harvested in the past, and how they are sorted and prepared for use.visitors  viewed some of the workers who were making various goods for sale.There were many hampers made for Fortum and Mason in London ready for Christmas as well as willow coffins for more local use.The withy fields were but a short walk away were there was  plenty of wildlife to be seen if you had sharp eyes.

In the evening everyone enjoyed a skittles evening with a buffet and raffle.

Friday saw our big day out. An early start for those in the Combe area at 07.50hrs and 0800 in Chard.Off in the  rain to Totnes to catch an old fashioned bus to Paignton where we caught the steam train to Kingswear.
Here we squeezed into the ferry to go across to Dartmouth.
Once in Dartmouth the weather improved a bit so we could explore as we wished.
Back to the quay and onto a boat for the early evening cruise back up the River Dart to Totnes, passing seals playing , the home of Agatha Christie , and pretty villages nestling on the waterfront.

Saturday was a day to relax with the host families.

Sunday morning was a trip to Sidmouth via the donkey sanctuary for coffee.
Sunday early evening was time for the farewell party.This year we were  very lucky to be entertained by the Cloverleaf production players from Combe St Nicholas.A wonderful varied programme of acts  mimes and singing to join in with.The Combe Handbell ringers also were very well received.The German audience shewed their appreciation by foot stamping and standing ovation.A delicious varied buffet was enjoyed .All to quickly we had to go home ready for an early start Monday morning.

Monday 05.00hrs was the time for the coach to begin loading  ready for the long journey home .Goodbyes were made.Tears were shed. Promises were made to go to Helmstedt in 2016. The weather fro this exchange may not have been kind but the visit renewed old friendships and forged new ones .


Cream Tea 2015
The weather was not so kind this year so we all had to squeeze a bit into Collette's house for our annual cream tea.
It was standing room only at times , balancing cups of tea in one hand with plates of delicious home made scones and jam with thick clotted cream in the other.
The bring and buy did a brisk trade selling everything from fresh garden produce , jam and chutney and cakes  to soap.
The raffle was also busy.
Despite the poor weather the event raised £158. This will be used to entertain the exchange guests from Helmstedt when they arrive in a few weeks time on 18th August.


Exchange to Helmstedt 2014

                              On Wednesday 6th August  24 people boarded the coach for  the trip to Helmstedt. This year we had 9 new members making the journey to Germany for the first time.
                  Our route took us to Dover for the ferry crossing , through France to Belgium where we stayed in Antwerp overnight.
               Thursday saw us travel on through Germany and arrive in Helmstedt  at about 5pm where we were heartily welcomed by our hosts.

Dave John and Jayne on the ferry

                                                                         together on the ferry

Is that glasses of wine I see?


   We travelled out to Schoningen several kilometers away to thenew Palaon Museum which has only been
   opened for a year. It houses the 8 neolithic spears which were found in the nearbyopen cast lignite mine .

Hue and Ken enjoy a cuppa

Ken Ann Ursula Norma and Regine also enjoy a tea break outside the museum.

Wild horses which are related to some of the ancient mongol stock.


This beautiful building is the Ducal Palace
We were given a guided tour which was very interesting if not somewhat lengthy.

Today we were taken to Wolfenbuttel , a nearby picturesque tpwn.
                                           This town if famous for the production of  Jagermeister liquor .

Angela Kay and Rob take a break in the shade

                                                                                       The fountain in Herrenhausen Gardens 
Tree lined avenue ready for the evening play performance
We stopped overnight in the Scandic Hotel in Antwerp.

Thursday morning we were on our way to Helmstedt enjoying some leg-stretching stops en route
  One of our autobahn stops to stretch our legs and refresh ourselves

August 26, 2014

Friday morning we congregated outside the Rathaus ready for the civic reception with the mayor.

The Burgermeister welcomed the group and gave us a short but interesting history of Helmstedt.

Friday evening we were entertained by the Guitar Group


A day to spend with our host families.

This was a water  fire and music display at Wolfsburg


Monday was our big day out to the Herrenhausen Gardens
in Hannover

  Some People decided to visit the  Tropical Aquarium rather than the gardens.
Leaving Party
So soon our exchange was coming to an end .We had a wonderful time as usual.
Our newcomers to Helmstedt thoroughly enjoyed the experience

The chefmore delicious food

The leaving party was held at another of allotment society.Here we were treated to a very generous BBQ.
Harald arranged a competition for those of us who wished to have a go in the shooting hut.
What an experience the target moves as you breathe !

Harald presenting the certificates for the shooting competition.
Winners were !st Collette
2nd Dave Poole and 3rd Steve our driver

Dave Harald and the competition judge.

So soon our exchange was coming to an end .We had a wonderful time as usual.
Group photo before we board for home
Our newcomers to Helmstedt thoroughly enjoyed the experience

Time to go home bye bye Helmstedt and our friends


Walk and Soup in Donyatt

Wednesday 11th June turned out to be a pleasantly warm day  when 24 members met up at Donyatt Village Hall car park to go for a walk along the old railway track, now part of the Somerset cycling route.
There is a statue of a young girl evacuee at this halt in memory of all the children who were sent here to get away from danger during the war.
Behind us on the photo you can see the concrete bollards built for defense against tanks .

group photo

We started off in the Ilminster direction passing under two of the five bridges between Chard and Ilminster.Apparently these bridges were all of the same design and built by Irish navvies.
There was plenty of wildlife to see especially insects (Damsel flies) and creepy crawlies (cuckoo spit and large brown slugs)

Mike +Cheryl Newman Lorna and Mike Tuck
The verges were thick with lush grasses, ferns and the very  prehistoric plant called horsetail as well as well known buttercups,pink campion ,hogweed,fragrant honeysuckle and plenty of dog roses

Happy day for Freddie

Return to Donyatt was along another path past some rather attractive houses.We saw a renovated building raised up on staddle stones (originally to keep out vermin).
Bee hives were also in evidence.

Back to the bridge over the river Isle

a chat with the villagers to admire their gardens

Back to the car park where Dave Poole our host and  chef was ready to serve German style soup

starting off from Donyatt Halt

                                            nb our German flag

  Ken John Cheryl Lorna Dave Mike Sue and Collette

Mike Newman Cheryl and Lorna


more soup for Ken and Hue

Ken Courtney and Hugh

More soup for Hannah

Ken Hue and Mike with empty bowls

Brian Hannah and Mike

more soup sir?
   Still more soup

Many of us enjoying a rest after eating cakes

  A fairy home in the tree stump

                       Margaret  Lorna Gwyn and Mike take a break

                Leading the way Margaret and Gwyn
                                                                    followed by Ann Ken and Bill

                      Silver birch and bluebells

Mike Hannah Brian Doreen and Ann

Hilary guest Jim and Cathie

Did we enjoy our walk and soup?

Freddie and Monty say Yes!!

Out thanks go to Dave Poole who suggested the day and acted as host and chef.
We all hope his accident with the camper-van door did not leave lasting damage to his good looks!!

Thanks also to all who baked delicious cakes.

Although we had to change the date of our walk due to rainy weather , 10 members donned wellies
or good walking shoes and enjoyed the afternoon in the woods .
 Some of us delighted in wading through mud , others not so.

We explored many of the "fairy doors" and admired the magnificent swathes of the bluebells as well as some stunning rhododendron and camellia bushes . Finally we rested on the seats and enjoyed
our mini picnic.

Michael Gwyn and Lorna in the car park

                            Mike and Lorna

                    Beech  just bursting into leaf

              The fallen tree

      Rhododendrons in bloom


Lunch at Ilminster Bowling Club on Wednesday 26th March 2014

A very  successful lunch was enjoyed by 36 members at the Ilminster Bowling Club, organised by David Poole.   The meal was excellent and the attention by the staff there was superb with nothing too much trouble.   We welcomed new members: Hue Esmail &  Mike Tuck, who we are delighted will be travelling to Helmstedt with us in August.
Thanks to all who provided prizes for the raffle, which made £45 for our funds.
We now have 25 members booked to travel.   There is still room on the coach if any other people would like to join us.  Please contact Collette on 01460 62449 asap to secure a place so that everybody can be placed with a host family.

Ann Doreen Mike Tuck  Colin and Margaret

Ken & Ann, Doreen, Mike Tuck

Hannah, Ken Burt, Norma, Shirley, Michael,

Dave & Lorna Wood, John & David Poole & Mike Mason

Collette Lorna and Freddie

                                                          Norma, Shirley, Michael, Freddie, Collette & Brian

Jean, Stan, Maureen , David Wood

                                                                    Len, Sandra, Roy & Howard

   Sue, Hue, Cheryl & Mike Newman.

Michael, Freddie, Collette, Brian & Hannah

On Friday 21st February 2014 there should have been a Skittles Evening at The Happy Return Pub.

Unfortunately the roof was damaged in the recent storms so the skittle alley was unavailable.
Dave Poole who was organising the event saved the day by devising a quiz evening instead. This was equally well attended , his questions were somewhat challenging, the winning table was made up of Amanda and David Acland and Hannah and Brian Newitt , well done!!
We also held a raffle .The evening made a fantastic profit of £68.

 We enjoyed  a good buffet especially the delicious genuine German soup made by Doris the proprietor .